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"Not all 'olive oil' brands are really 'O L i Ve' oil"


The most classic use of vinegar is to dress a salad, using good extravirgin olive oil as well.

1- Balsamic Vinegar

Our vinegar is Italian origined. Real Balsamic vinegar can only be produced in the regions of Modena and Reggio in Italy.

22- Apple Vinegar

Our vinegar is Turkey- Eskisehir origined which is the best in apple vinegar in whole world. We can use the apple vinegar to give aroma to salads soups etc .

To use the apple vinegar as a cure we can add 2 desert spoons in to a glass of water and then add 1-2 desert spoons of honey and drink it 3 times a day. (Also this vinegar is good for over weight problems if you want to use for this purpose you have to drink it before the meal.)

Apple vinegar can be used as for protetective health purposes if you want to use it like that you have to take it continuously in the morning with empty stomach.

 Curative Affects  

* To provide efficient nutrient use, provides healthy manipulation for meatbolism, provide protection for body in order to stable the acid base. For example it provides efficient calcium usage, this boosts the bones for taking mandotary calcium and help to brake the calcium accumulation in the articulation.

*Long period usage helps to get over the annoyance at the bones.

*Lowers the sodium affects and protects from high blood presure.

*Reduces cholesterol.

*The natural acids and enzymes provide thiner and healthy blood flow..

*Kidney, Vessels, Liver ahead it detoxify the whole body and brakes fatty-mucus relic.

*Boosts Cell growth with the high potassium that it includes.

*It can be drink for threatment for throat infection, cold, bronchitis or the vapour can be inhaled.

*Ureter infections, digestive breakdown, crapms bumblebee bites, hair dandruff, kip defect ringing in the ears.



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