New business development service is one of the services given by AKS Group. With its innovative team AKS Group is experienced in new business development activities.  Business development service may emerge either from a consulting service or a project introduced by customer. AKS Group develops a full business A to Z starting from project development and management, manufacturing, sales and implementation. These steps are described briefly.

a. Project development and management

Projects that are identified by AKS Group or introduced by customers are converted to written documentation in professional management basis. For the best service for our customers we pretend to manage our projects on professional business management systems. Identification of strengths, weaknesses, advantages and threads is our first step starting new projects. In our model of work we pretend to identify the actions items and make the necessary allocations for research, knowledge and information collection and contacting key points. The result is the project plan which leads us to success doing our business.

a2 b. Manufacturing

In certain projects local manufacturing and production is also necessary for the benefit of our customers. Manufacturing is also among the projects to be implemented. AKS Group in this sense also gives manufacturing and production services to its customers in local or international countries while developing a new business. For this purpose mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers are also a part of AKS GROUP team which proves our quality of service.

a2 c. Sales

Sales are the key point of a business. AKS Group with its team also focuses on sales of projects and products in local and international countries. In local and international basis AKS Group attends tenders with its partners. The role of AKS Group is to give different services during sales to its customers which are necessary in tenders such like application, translation of documents, administrative and legal consulting, coordination and logistic services. AKS Group does not count sales as a service only but also counts as a part of its team which will lead them to success.

a2 d. Implementation

Implementation of projects is the strength of AKS Group. The project management model created by the AKS Group team has gained success in previous projects that they have developed and implemented. The project managers among the AKS Group team have a great experience in implementation of projects. The key point of implementation of projects, from its vast experience, AKS Group has identified that coordination of different groups, companies and people s the most important time saving and money saving business.  AKS Group project management also focus on coordination management during implementation of projects.


AKS Group experienced research and development team also gives reporting service to its customers. Reports are prepared by the AKS Group team according to the will of the customer. Reports can be prepared according to a subject, project or a product.  Areas of interest which are not covered by the AKS Group professionals will be outsourced to the professionals of desired area of interest and AKS Group does the coordination, quality and control of the report.  Reports can be prepared on:

  1. Market situation
  2. Product situation
  3. Annual sector information
  4. Annual market information
  5. Financial reporting
  6. Market know how information


AKS Group supplies its customers consulting service on company management and quality certification issues. International business moves out to a quality certification basis as the global market grows for trust and quality. To achieve this AKS Group supplies its customers and partners the consulting service to meet the international standards in quality and management basis. Management consulting covers the identification of management structure, identification of management processes, redesign of management structure and processes if necessary. Quality consulting services cover the application of ISO standards and CE certification and some military standards required for business